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UC2K HD General Information Video


EO Trading represents Unicoatings UC2K HD protective coating for the Marine and Offshore industries.

Unicoatings delivers unique industrial coatings and solutions that protect assets and commercial interests. Unicoatings specialises in the research, development and manufacture of sustainable coating products and treatments. These are used daily, worldwide in many market sectors, including rail infrastructure, buildings and marine.


Unicoatings UC2K HD has been certified by the Australian Water Quality Centre and is approved for use in the food industry. For processing UC2K HD, the same rules apply as for processing any solvent-based lacquer.


UC2K HD can be applied to almost any surface, including steel, aluminium, GRP, stainless steel, glass, concrete and stone. UC2K HD should be applied to exterior surfaces to provide extra protection both above- and under- water. It can also be applied to interior surfaces.

Without using authorized applicators, warrantee will be not given.
Before any applicators of UC2K HD will coat products , surface of product will be checked following a checklist.
Product needs to also minimum temperature and humanity will be checked. EO Trading will organize training sessions for applicators. To get license a standard needs to be showed during the examination.

Customers appreciate that UC2K protects their assets by delivering an easy to clean protective shield that repels unwanted contaminants and prevents damage to the protected surface for many year.

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UC2K HD Coating is applied by our special educated and certified professionals. Our mobile team can apply UC2K HD Coating at every specific location at request, however, we highly recommend to apply the Coating in our special customised application centre in your area.
Without using these authorized applicators warrantee will be not be given.

Treatment Process

Unicoatings UC2K HD protective coating is best applied in one of our dedicated application centres by our specially trained and certified application professionals, who will follow our optimised treatment process.
If necessary, our mobile team can apply UC2K HD at your specific location. However, we do not recommend this approach.

It is possible to apply UC2K HD yourself, but in this instance we cannot provide a warrantee.

Unique formula

UC2K HD is a two-component advanced technology clear coating that provides exceptional gloss retention and weather resistance for many years.

Surfaces sealed with UC2K HD are easily cleaned, without requiring special cleaners, and are more resistant to new soiling. After treatment, dull and tired paintwork, chalky glass-fibre (GGFK) surfaces and cloudy anodised aluminium gleam like new. Galvanised surfaces, such as aluminium, brass, copper and chrome, are protected long-term against corrosion. In addition, surfaces already coated with other products can be refreshed, sealed and protected on a long-term basis.

  • Excellent gloss and long-life properties
  • Easily applied to all surfaces by normal painting processes
  • No special preparation of the base material is required
  • Economical due to high coverage rates
  • High productivity due to extremely thin coating layer

UC2K HD Benefits


Once Unicoatings UC2K HD protective coating has been applied to your product, dirt, fly rust and fouling can no longer affix to the surface area. In addition, you will also find your product is much easier and faster to clean.

Easy To Clean

High self-cleaning ability and 100% eco-friendly saves on daily and scheduled cleaning and maintenance, labour, time and cleaning products. Even smoke from diesel electric locomotives is easy to clean off.

Colour Preservation

One of the key benefits of treating your vessel with UC2K HD is that it provides exceptional levels of protection against decolourisation by salt water and exposure to UV sunlight. This not only keeps your asset looking fantastic, but also significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Color protection

Colours can be protected on new buildings, locomotives, carriages, wagon, ships and boats from the start and faded colours can be restored and preserved from deterioration or fading for many years.


Permanent protection against graffiti, which is easily and quickly removed without using aggressive cleaning methods.


The transparent and colourless coating forms an anti-fingerprint layer that protects your surfaces from corrosion, scratches and dirt.

The product

UC2K HD is a two-component advanced technology clear coating that provides exceptional gloss retention and weather resistance. Just one coat of UC2K HD delivers an extremely long lifespan. It can be ‘spot’ repaired if necessary. UC2K HD has no adverse effect on the original colour or composition of surfaces treated.

C02 and fuel reduction

Preventing fouling on the underwater area of a ship reduces maintenance requirements and significantly reduces maintenance costs, as the ship has to be taken out of the water on a less regular basis. However, the biggest advantage of a clean underwater area is the reduction in resistance.

Before the start of any top class sailing regatta, the underwater surface of the yacht is cleaned to reduce fouling and therefore resistance. The application of UC2K HD has exactly the same effect: the boat will have less resistance, fuel consumption lower, speed will increase and the Co2 emission will be reduced by a minimum of 4%.

Easy application

Available in 1-, 5- and 25- litre containers, UC2K HD is easily applied via a rolling/sponge, brush painting, spraying or immersion. To achieve the best results, we recommend application by HVLP spray.

Due to UC2K’s extremely thin minimum coating thickness (5-20μm), a coating capacity of approximately 30-40m2 can be achieved per 1Kg when applied to non-absorbent surfaces. For application on concrete or plastered surfaces, a lower gloss version will cover approximately 20-30m2. For application details check the link here

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